Glow in The Dark Paint Solution

Environment Friendly | Long After Glow |?Easy to Use

Water-based glow in the dark paint?is based on water-based resin, adding high-brightness and long glowing time’s luminous pigments and auxiliaries, dispersants are made up of a variety of additives. Jolin Corporation glow up glow paint does not contain any harmful solvents, and there is no smell after drying , in line with national environmental certification. It is a new generation of environmentally friendly reflective glow paint.

GlowUp?glow in the dark paint?is kind of bright color and quick drying paint, it is colored by high brightness?glow in the dark powder, and the paint is kind of acrylic resin paint. Our paint can achieve high performance on brightness. also the color of it is articularly bright, with high color purity. Our glow in the dark coating is widely used in the industrial, home improvement, tooling, ?and other industries. The paint film is smooth and naturally dry. When the paint is subjected to the energy stimulation of UV light, the absorbed energy is converted into visible light other than heat radiation. The paint has good adhesion and good mechanical and physical properties.

How to use?

Glow in the dark paint?is water-based paint diluted with water, mainly used in special construction areas, the use of water as a diluent, dilution ratio of not more than 10% of its total will affect the performance of paint, viscosity, hiding power and so on.

The dilution ratio should be under 10%, to prevent the effect to performance of paint viscosity hiding power and so on. The application can be painted or sprayed, applied to the pure white, red, blue, green, orange, orange, golden yellow, black, lemon yellow and other solid, The higher the brightness of the bottom layer is,and the better glow effect will be. The layer paint performance should be compatible with our glow in the dark coating. Make sure the glow paint be uniformed coating, and dry film thickness required to reach 200 microns in order to meet the requirements of the use of light fastness. And then, surface should be covered with a layer of silicone or fluorocarbon to protect the varnish, and the thickness of its dry film is 50 microns, light fastness can be improved more than 3 times.

Normally, the surface will be dry in 30 mines under 25℃, and all the paint dried need 24 hours. And for screen printing, the surface dried in 10 mines and all the paint dried in 3 hours.

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