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Blue-Green glow in the dark powder BG-B4

Brand Name: JOLIN
Glow Color: Yellow Green
Min.Order Quantity:1 Kilogram/Kilograms
Supply Ability:70 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year
Port: Dalian
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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Product Description

Yellow-Green glow in the dark powder YG-B2

Other Names: Photoluminescent pigment
Brand Name: JOLIN
CAS No.: 12004-37-4
EINECS No.: 234-455-3
Glow Color: Yellow-Green
Stable: long lasting
MF: SrAl2O4: Eu, Dy


Most Blue-Green glow in the dark powder BG-B4?can be used for Ceramic Pigments, Coating Pigment, Cosmetic Pigment, Ink Pigments, Leather Pigments, Plastic & Rubber Pigment, Painting

usage page

Daytime color:?White, Yellow wish

Safety: Non Toxic

MF: SrAl2O4: Eu, Dy

Type: SrAl2O4: Eu, Dy

Style: Inorganic Pigment

Feature: Non-Radiacial

Life Span: Over 20 years

Packaging Details:

20g:7cm*7cm plastic bag ??100g: 14cm*7cm plastic bag ? 400g:17cm*11cm plastic bag ? 1kg – L22 x W17 x H2cm by plastic bag; ? 10kgs – D25 x H25 by plastic bucket ? ?20/25kgs – D33 x H38cm by iron bucket

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Delivery Detail:

Based on the quantity


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